Yosemite is one of those places that I come back to too often to try and separate everything. So rather than try and tell you about all the times I go, let's cover the highlights yeah?

I'll start with my third anniversary with Nicolette. We knew we wanted to go there for a long weekend. Neither of us had seen the Valley covered in snow before and we figured this would be our chance. We rented an Air Bnb and invited our friends Beth and Scott to join us.

When I talked to Scott, he told me his plan to propose to Beth, and asked if he could do it while we were in Yosemite. What better way to celebrate our anniversary than our friends getting engaged? 

The first morning, I told Beth that Scott and I were going to go on a sunrise hike and there were some landscapes I wanted to photograph. Her and Nicolette were pretty relieved to be able to stay in the warm cabin and sleep some more. So Scott and I left, and started scouting a good place for him to propose. "The Mountains of Light" did not disappoint. 

We came up with a plan, went back for breakfast and then lunch. After lunch we took the girls back to the Valley and Scott popped the question. She said yes by the way.

Naturally I had some actual photo work to do as well, so we shot some branded stuff for Coalatree and Compas Life Apparel, then went and celebrated with a sunset and a bottle of champagne.

The next adventure I'll tell you about is the Firefall. 

I picked up my friends Joey and Will around 3am one morning and we made the 4 hour drive out to Yosemite to try and catch the Firefall that happens once, maybe twice a year for about a week. 

Long story short, it was cold, it had dumped snow for maybe three days before we got there, and the waterfall that glows bright red was frozen over. Nevertheless, any time in the Valley is a good one. We even ran into my good friend Peter that I met at Outdoor Retailer last summer!

Stay tuned for more from Yosemite. I've still never experienced Autumn in the Valley. Maybe that will make the list this year!

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