I had the chance to test these shoes from Black Diamond and see how they measure up on some bouldering problems with my friend Braden. We gave them a solid thumbs up.

Meet Braden. Climber, barista, beer enthusiast and all around good dude. Since it's very hard to take photos of myself climbing in the Black Diamond Men's Momentum Shoes, I had Braden put them on and give them a go for a while.

The first thing we noticed, the sizes run small. I wear a 10 in regular shoes and 9.5 for climbing shoes and my toes were pretty smashed on the inside. Braden wears a size 8 in climbing shoes and these were only just too big for him. Don't plan on them stretching out either, after a few hours outside and a couple of sessions in the gym, these still fit like they just came out of the box. Black Diamond actually recommends buying climbing shoes in your regular street shoe size, so keep that in mind.

I talked about fit, but how do they feel? Answer: comfy. They form to your foot really well. No big gaps in the heel like my Anasazi's. The arch feels good. I like the laces a lot. On to performance. The rubber is nice; it's really sticky and feels good and secure when on the wall. The edges are nice and sharp, sticking holds like it's nothing while my Anasazi's and Braden's Evolves kept blowing off. Overall these shoes are great! They're not super aggressive, which makes them great for somebody just getting into climbing or somebody like me who only climbs every now and then.

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