You will hear me talk about California's Northern Coast quite a bit throughout my different media platforms. There's a reason for that. I love it. 

I don't think I could ever live any further away from the coast. I love being able to walk through the redwood forests and then wind up on a beach. With rugged rocks and cliffs and the wild waters. There are so many different things to do, it takes something really special to beat a place like this.

This was the maiden voyage for Larry the Land Cruiser. At least my maiden voyage with him. I wanted it to be something special. 

The usual suspects were on board: Coalatree and Gregory, Jetboil also wanted in, so they sent out some stoves to try out and at that point everything was good to go. So I called up my good friend Justin and asked if he wanted to surf in some cold water and cold weather. He's up for anything, especially if it's for a proper adventure, so naturally he was all about it. 

We left my house around 8pm and set off for our first stop at Still Water Cove. I wasn't sure if this was actually a good surf spot, but I've seen some good swells here before and figured it was a good place to start. Oh yeah, we didn't check on any conditions before we made this trip, we were just stoked to get out and go with no real agenda.

We got to the campsite late that night. Having already ate dinner, we just hopped in the back of the Land Cruiser and passed out for the night.

Up with the sun (kind of) the next day. More like gloom. And fog. Lots of fog. We got all of our stuff ready, and set out to see what the water looked like.

Still Water Cove

No waves. This would unfortunately turn out to be the theme of the trip. But that really didn't deter us. We kept driving north, living for the adventure of it all and not letting the lack of actual surfing bum us out. Besides, there's plenty of other things to do and see. 

I mentioned before that Jetboil sent out some stoves for us to use. They worked great. I've always used Jetboil for backpacking and whatever else. But they've made it even easier to be comfortable and enjoy trips, all while saving a ton of packing space.

Also, my friend Jessie from high school drove up and met us outside of Mendocino! So crazy, I haven't seen him in six years. I love how adventures bring friends together, both old and new.


We had no destination. No agenda. No timeline. Just the freedom and desire to explore. We literally just drove north along Highway 1. If we saw something interesting, we stopped. Having so much freedom is awesome. We were able to take the time to be ourselves and have a good time whenever we did stop somewhere. Can't take things too seriously in my opinion. Ruins the whole reason we're really out here.

Spent a night at Russian Gulch State Park. They have the perfect lot for tailgating. Looking out over the small cove and out into the open ocean. With the Frederick W. Panhorst bridge framing the whole scene with cliffs on either side. Not a bad way to start the day.

We ended the trip at a beach north of Fort Bragg. It had the "biggest" waves we had seen all trip. They couldn't have been more than a foot. :( at least we met Lobo, the coolest Husky any of us had ever met. 

Nothing beats trips like this one. The freedom, and just being in a place as beautiful as this. I love this life I live.

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