The Lost Coast is one of those places that has always seemed so much more unattainable than it really is. It only took four and a half hours. That’s like driving to Big Sur. Crazy.

The day before we were going to head up and meet everybody, Nicolette started to not feel so great. So sadly, it ended up just being Jack and Me. One upside to this, Jack got to ride up front.

To get to Usal beach, you follow a dirt road for about 45 minutes. There’s a campground In case you want some privacy or maybe a little protection from the elements, and then you get dumped right out onto the beach. 

Joey, Anna, Will, and Erica were camped right by the entrance to the beach, so it was pretty easy to find them when I got there. After Jack went for a swim, we decided to load the cars up, and make the crossing across the creek so we could camp on the other side and get away from the other people there. 

The weather was pretty gloomy while we were there. Lots of low fog and chilly, gray skies. That first night though, we did get a bit of sunlight just as the sun was setting. We made dinner and then ran around the beach like some crazy people shooting photos while we enjoyed the show.

Campfires on the beach, one of my favorite things. And for some reason, it's so hard to do. Legally anyway. One of the beautiful things about the Lost Coast.

Jack loves chewing on sticks. Since we had a constant pile of wood to burn, Jack was in heaven with all the chew toys, he even got a bit possessive over them! haha

We didn't do a whole lot of exploring while we were there. The trip was pretty mellow, just a weekend spent with good friends. That being said, we couldn't NOT explore a little bit. So we got up at sunrise one morning and took Larry for a chance to stretch his legs.

The conditions were beautiful. Down on the beach it was socked in with fog. But once we got up higher, the sunlight started to break through the fog and made for some really beautiful scenes.

We took Jack and Ollie with us. Leo stayed behind and slept in with Anna. The two boys had an absolute blast. 

The sand down on the beach was pretty tough on their paws. Really deep and really loose sand wore down pads and even our own feet after a while. So for the dogs to get to come and play on the soft dirt roads was a huge relief. You could see the joy in their faces.

One of the coolest things for me was the wildlife up there. Elk everywhere! They hung around camp all weekend long and couldn't be bothered by the people. That is, by the people that let them hang out and do their own thing.

Some people have no etiquette when it comes to wild animals, getting too close trying to take photos, letting their dogs run right up to them. They were promptly yelled at by the group we dubbed "the enforcers" though. Always nice to see some people raising their voices for the animals who can't.

A couple of Elk strolled right through our camp first thing in the morning. We followed them to the creek, giving a nice wide berth of about 75 yards or so. Basically about as far as the ocean would let us get from them. They were pretty young and not at all bothered by us. When they noticed us, they wandered over for a closer look. As we walked away to continue to give them space, they just continued to mosey towards us. Pretty awesome seeing these guys up close. 

Finally it got to the point where we decided to stand our ground and not let the come any closer. They took a look and then went right back to the creek, crossed it, and started eating on the island. This is where they ended up staying for the rest of the day.

Mid morning we ate breakfast and packed up camp to head home. On our drive out though, Mother Nature decided to give us a proper send off. Something we had to all stop and get out for. This is where I ended up filling my card, and then promptly formatting it, thinking I was writing to both card slots simultaneously. Luckily, I was able to recover all my photos. Obviously. :)

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