Crystal clear, refreshing water, and massive mountain peaks and ridges. It's no wonder this is one of my favorite places on earth

It's a wonderful hike up to the first lake. Plenty of tree cover, Green Creek runs along side you, and the uphill isn't too terrible. It's only four miles or so to Green Lake, which is where we spent our first night.

Our friends Matt, Makayla, Dylan, Emily, Joey, and Will had already gone up the night before. So we met them there mid afternoon on Friday!

This is what we get for being late

While Matt and Dylan got ready for some fishing, I spent some time with the dogs. Naturally.

Tyin' Flies

Untitled photo

Fishing at Sunset

Everybody was pretty wiped out towards the end of the day. So we all made dinner, and just lounged around and relaxed until the sun went down.

Up before the sun the next morning so we could find a good spot to shoot sunrise. All I really wanted was a paddle board or kayak up there. But I didn't bring one. Right after telling Joey this, I hear him yell "NO WAY!". He stumbled on an inflatable paddle board somebody had brought up. Pump and everything. Too bad there was a hole in it and it wouldn't hold air though. That would have been TOO perfect.

Still a gorgeous sunrise. Peaceful, warm, calm, the mountains are really the best place to watch the sun come up I think.

The next part of the trip didn't quite go as smoothly. What was supposed to be a half mile hike and 500 feet of elevation gain turned into four times that. Switchback after switchback leading up the exposed mountain side and around the back of the peak to West Lake. 

It was brutal. Blisters were developed. Tears were shed. But in the end we made it, and it was SO worth the trek up.

West Lake

Heading down we had eight miles and about 4,000 to descend back to the car. Pretty daunting task for the knees, but we made it down with no issues and everybody was in good spirits after such a fantastic trip.

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