Arguably my favorite place to visit to date. The Eastern Sierras are just massive and insanely beautiful. There are so many places to visit and it looks so different for every season. 

I've been out there to shoot for Sierra Living Magazine. The maiden voyage for Ted, my friend Luke's Tacoma. My birthday, backpacking, rock climbing, hot springs, and just anything and everything to do with the outdoors.

My most popular and well known photo was shot one morning after a miserably cold night. Jack and I up to greet the sun.

Untitled photo

So many adventures to talk about out here. One of the most memorable was shooting for Sierra Living Magazine. I chased the sun all the way from Convict Lake down to the Alabama Hills. Sprinting across the desert with jack, just in time to get my camera set up to catch the colors as the sun disappeared and the storm swooped in. Then proceeding to get stuck in a full whiteout heading north on 395, pulling off into the Convict Lake parking lot, another horribly cold night sleeping through the storm. -15 degrees with 30mph winds, not fun, for me anyway. When we woke up in the morning for sunrise, Jack was prancing around diving into the snow without a care in the world.

Then there's the Eastern Sierras in the fall. Just look....went out for a long weekend with the usual suspects. (me, Nicolette, Jack, Joey and his dog Leo, and Will and his dog Ollie.)

Even just passing through, they give you some magic. On our way down to Death Valley we slept just outside of Bridgeport and caught the sunrise on a chilly morning.

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